Sentence Examples

  • She didn't miss Hannah's stunned look, as if it were a miracle her homely sister could catch the eye of anyone!
  • Wow, that is one homely kid.
  • He was short, thin and if not homely, certainly not handsome.
  • His style is clear, direct and remarkably free from cumbrous Latin constructions; he employed, whenever he could, the pithy and homely sayings of the peasants, and is not reluctant to point his moral with a rough humour.
  • We have homely genera, even among the true Passeres, occurring there - such as Alauda, Acrocephalus, Motacilla and Pratincola, while the Cisticola madagascariensis is only distinguishable from the well-known fan-tailed warbler, C. schoenicola of Europe, Africa and India by its rather darker coloration.

What's another word for homely?

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