Sentence Examples

  • He is hospitable, obliging, and specially well disposed to the foreigner.
  • The inhabitants are described as moral, religious, hospitable to strangers, well mannered and industrious, healthy and long lived.
  • In 1513, and when he died on the 14th of August 1539 he left with other issue a son, Sir Richard Edgecumbe (1499-1562), a cultured and hospitable man, who is celebrated through Richard Carew's Friendly Remembrance of Sir Richard Edgecumbe.
  • The Hauran Druses are a vigorous, independent folk, with a well-deserved reputation for courage, very astute, and hospitable to Europeans, especially the British, with whom they have an old tradition of friendship. But, like most persecuted but semiindependent peoples, they are both cruel, and, by our standards, treacherous.

What's another word for hospitable?

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