Sentence Examples

  • With population, was beyond the powers of these societies, the churches and the various charitable institutions.
  • It was originally a collegiate charitable institution, its basis being a fund for the schooling of ministers, and the charity element has remained very large relatively to other colleges.
  • He established the system whereby the lands conquered by the arms of his troops were divided into the different classes of fiefs, or else assigned to the maintenance of mosques, colleges, schools and charitable institutions, or converted into common and pasturage lands.
  • Benares, having from time immemorial been a holy city, contains a vast number of Brahmans, who either subsist by charitable contributions, or are supported by endowments in the numerous religious institutions of the city.
  • The city's principal charitable institutions are the Grady Memorial hospital (opened in 1892), supported by the city and named in honour of Henry W.

What's another word for charitable?

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