Sentence Examples

  • They are engaged principally in educational and eleemosynary work, and the development in such institutions is considerable.
  • At the greatest possible distance from the church, beyond the precinct of the convent, is the eleemosynary department.
  • They are important because they played a prominent role in the social life of England, especially as eleemosynary institutions, down to the time of their suppression in 1547 Religious gilds, closely resembling those of England, also flourished on the continent during the middle ages.
  • Under the Limitation Act of 1833 twenty years of adverse possession of an estate in tithes gave a good title, except as against spiritual or eleemosynary corporations sole whose right to recover tithes was limited, if at all, to a period of two incumbencies and six years afterwards, or sixty years (s.

What's another word for eleemosynary?

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