Sentence Examples

  • Fred was being consoled by Mrs. Abernathy or some other of his lady friends so Dean spent the evening alone with the sound of a little early Nat King Cole trio, vintage forties.
  • Gaal, a new-corner, took the opportun'ty at the time of the vintage, when there was a festival in th3 temple, to head a revolt and seized Shechem.
  • Analyses of Different Clarets of the Same Vintage.'
  • We adults passed banalities back and forth while Howie opened wine, of an obvious expensive vintage us Gustefsons only admired.
  • In 1887 to 1895 a number of fair wines were produced in each year, and the first really good vintage of the post-mildew-phylloxera period was that of 1888.

What's another word for vintage?

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