Sentence Examples

  • Crystals of sulphur are transparent or translucent and highly refractive with strong birefringence; they have a resinous or slightly adamantine lustre, and present the characteristic sulphur-yellow colour.
  • Circumcision and Sabbath, separation from marriage with a foreigner, which rendered a Jew unclean, as well as strict conformity to the precepts of the Torah, constituted henceforth an adamantine bond which was to preserve the Jewish communities from disintegration.
  • In the Mandaean representation the sky is an ocean of water, pure and clear, but of more than adamantine solidity, upon which the stars and planets sail.
  • With their resinous to adamantine lustre and their translucency they also present somewhat the appearance of horn; hence the name hornsilver.
  • Sainte-Claire Deville, ignorant of what he had done, adopted the same methods in his efforts to prepare the metal on an industrial scale; the result of Wohler's claim of priority was that the two became good friends and joined in a research, published in 1856-1857, which yielded "adamantine boron."

What's another word for adamantine?

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