Sentence Examples

  • Those of them who tried to have their own way and came into conflict with the authorities had always to yield in the long run, and they were liable to be treated very unceremoniously, so that the vulgar adage, " If the prince is bad, into, the mud with him!"
  • His adage was Qui sophistice loquitur odibilis est, and his influence has been exercised ever since in warning the Christian orator against artificiality and in urging upon him the necessity of awakening the heart.
  • The chancellor, acting, as he himself says, in the spirit of the adage, " one hand washes the other," proposed to that prelate that the pope should give earnest of the relations subsisting between him and Germany by influencing the French clergy in the direction of the conclusion of peace.
  • A wise adage says: "The New Testament is in the old concealed, and the old is in the new revealed."
  • As the famous adage goes "The show must go on," and it did.

What's another word for adage?

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