Sentence Examples

  • That was the first time he had ever neglected to tell her how ravishing she was.
  • They take lovers from among men, and are often described as of delicate, unearthly, ravishing beauty.
  • 268.) Raleigh and Jonson have both recorded their opinions of it, but no one has characterized it more happily than his friend, Sir Tobie Matthews, " A man so rare in knowledge, of so many several kinds, endued with the facility and felicity of expressing it all in so elegant, significant, so abundant, and yet so choice and ravishing a way of words, of metaphors, of allusions, as perhaps the world hath not seen since it was a world."
  • And "having had from his most tender years an extraordinary ravishing delight in music," began to teach himself the violin, and was examined for the degree of B.A.

What's another word for ravishing?

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