Sentence Examples

  • It was going to be much more pleasurable than she imagined.
  • Conduct being the adjustment of acts to ends, and good conduct that which is conducive to the preservation of a pleasurable life in a society so adjusted that each attains his happiness without impeding that of others, life can be considered valuable only if it conduces to happiness.
  • This " pleasurable good-will," when the moral judgment relates to a man's own actions, becomes " the testimony of a good conscience - the purest and most valuable of all human enjoyments."
  • He considers actions solely in respect of their pleasurable a nd painful consequences ex ected or actual; and he P q, P actual; school.
  • Nothing can exceed the fulness and variety of invention, or the searching force and precision of detail in this picture; nor does it leave so much to desire as several of the master's other paintings in point of colour-harmony and pleasurable general effect.

What's another word for pleasurable?

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