Sentence Examples

  • More than just a nifty beauty accessory, the wall mount makeup mirror is a must-have for women who wish to apply their makeup in a setting that mimics a high-end salon or professional makeup artist's environment.
  • offers printable grocery lists but also has a nifty feature where you can send information from your Zeer account to your mobile phone. . .for those times when you forget your grocery list.
  • Plastic corpses are easy enough to find at any Halloween store and these nifty things - once dressed up with clothing, maybe some latex and newspaper stuff - can become cool looking serving trays.
  • Once an earthy destination for hopeful musicians, Curtis claims her producer is inundated with requests for auto tune (that nifty little gadget that keeps Ashlee Simpson-types on pitch).
  • Smart makes it easy to shop with nifty sort functions that not only separate items by topic but also by size, color, manufacturer or designer, budget, and desired savings.