Sentence Examples

  • The main theme of "Voicebox," the long fictional narrative in the middle of the book, is communication.
  • In subsequent decades, the trope associated with these female robots continued to develop to include 21st century fictional accounts such as feminine robots like the Cylon Three, Six and Eight models in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.
  • While Tolkien is attributed with writing several languages as part of developing his fictional worlds, the Elvish languages developed for his stories includes basic terminology and are not a languages with large or complex vocabularies.
  • There are several aspects to Wonder Woman history, including her Greek-based origin, the evolution of her fictional story throughout many decades of comic books, and what she represented to generations of young women across the world.
  • A departure from the more linear format of the first NFSU, this second rendition allows gamers to explore a huge fictional city, complete with suburbia atop a hill, a casino district, the slums by the train tracks, and much much more.