Sentence Examples

  • Further evidence on this point will be given below in a classification of the principal mythic legends.
  • We have seen the example of Greek mythic illustrations of " Jungstenrecht," or supremacy of the youngest, in the Hesiodic myth of Zeus, the youngest child of Cronus.
  • The Artemis of the Odyssey " taking her pastime in the chase of boars and swift deer, while with her the wild wood-nymphs disport them, and high over them all she rears her brow, and is easily to be known where all are fair," is a perfectly rational mythic representation of a divine being.
  • Very probably portions of the legends of real men have been attracted into the mythic accounts of gods of another character, and this is the element of truth at the bottom of Euemerism.
  • Among other mythic Egyptian figures we have Ra, who once destroyed men in his wrath with circumstances suggestive of the Deluge; Khnum, a demiurge, is.represented at Philae as making man out of clay on a potter's wheel.

What's another word for mythic?

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