Sentence Examples

  • The town is delightful; much nicer than a mythical Idaho location they'd like me to believe.
  • The entrance to it was in the extreme west, on the borders of Ocean, in the mythical land of the Cimmerians.
  • The mythical Richard II.
  • "the gilded one"), a name applied, first, to the king or chief priest of a South American tribe who was said to cover himself with gold dust at a yearly religious festival held near Santa Fe de Bogota; next, to a legendary city called Manoa or Omoa; and lastly, to a mythical country in which gold and precious stones were found in fabulous abundance.
  • The name Atlas given to these mountains by Europeans - but never used by the native races - is derived from that of the mythical Greek god represented as carrying the globe on his shoulders, and applied to the high and distant mountains of the west, where Atlas was supposed to dwell.

What's another word for mythical?

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