Sentence Examples

  • But he was a profoundly interested observer of affairs at home and among 1 The Assyrian term abubu is used of the great primeval deluge (in the Gilgamesh epic), and also of the local floods common in the country.
  • The primeval Being is, as opposed to the many, the One; as opposed to the finite, the Infinite, the unlimited.
  • It is also active force without a substratum; as active force the primeval Being is perpetually producing something else, without alteration, or motion, or diminution of itself.
  • For long these blocks were supposed, even by European visitors, to be relics of a primeval race of giant builders.
  • The system thus embraces three heads - (i) the primeval Being, (2) the ideal world and the soul, (3) the phenomenal world.

What's another word for primeval?

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