Sentence Examples

  • These mountains were occupied, so early as we can find any record, by a cave-dwelling aboriginal race known as Horites, who were smitten by the much-discussed king Chedorlaomer (Gen.
  • Jerome describes Idumaea as extending from Beit Jibrin to Petra, and ascribes the great caves at the former place to cavedwellers like the aboriginal Horites.
  • Taking all things into consideration, the aboriginal population of the continent may be set down at something like 180,000.
  • In his treatment of women the aboriginal may be ranked lower than even the Fuegians.
  • Only an insignificant fraction of these forests has ever been visited by human beings, the Malays and even the aboriginal tribe having their homes on the banks of the rivers, and never, even when travelling from one part of the country to another, leaving the banks of a stream except for a short time when passing from one river-system to another.

What's another word for aboriginal?

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