Sentence Examples

  • This archetype differs in many respects from the form in which it was republished by the editor of the entire work.
  • He was the archetype of the individual man, the lone venturer, who against the odds makes out.
  • We resolved to build a temple on Earth, as a sort of copy of its spiritual archetype.
  • Analogous structures in any two animals compared were by Owen defined as structures performing similar functions, but not necessarily derived from the modification of one and the same part in the " plan " or " archetype " according to which the two animals compared were supposed to be constructed.
  • Whatever view be taken of the provenance of Codex Vaticanus it is plain that its archetype had the Pauline epistles in a peculiar order which is only found in Egypt, and so far no one has been able to discover any non-Alexandrian writer who used the Neutral text.

What's another word for archetype?

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