Sentence Examples

  • It is strongly fortified, and there are a lighthouse, and lifeboat and pilot stations.
  • "That's not good," the pilot said.
  • "I can take one of you at a time," the pilot said.
  • Forward of the turret was the iron pilot house, square in shape, and rising about 4 ft.
  • In 1427, again, with the co-operation of his father King John, he seems to have sent out the royal pilot Diogo de Sevill, followed in 1431 by Goncalo Velho Cabral, to explore the Azores, first mentioned and depicted in a Spanish treatise of 1345 (the Conosrimiento de todos los Reynos) and in an Italian map of 1351 (the Laurentian Portolano, also the first cartographical work to give us the Madeiras with modern names), but probably almost unvisited from that time to the advent of Sevill.

What's another word for pilot?

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