Sentence Examples

  • One by one they refuse to render any reasonable account of themselves; each seems a mere chance, and the whole tends to elude us like a mirage which some malignant power creates for our illusion.
  • It was now seen how the absolutist doctrines of autocracy developed in Justinians age at Byzantium would bear fruits in the development of an imperial idea, which was destined to be the fatal mirage of medieval Italy.
  • Strobridge, In Miners' Mirage Land (Los Angeles, 1904); H.
  • In the prose Lancelot, on the other hand, the Lake is but a mirage, and the Lady's court does not lack its complement of gallant knights; moreover the boy has the companionship of his cousins, Lionel and Bohort, who, like himself, have been driven from their kingdom by Claudas.
  • 3 Mirage and similar phenomena and the aurora are common.

What's another word for mirage?

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