Sentence Examples

  • Strobridge, In Miners' Mirage Land (Los Angeles, 1904); H.
  • 3 Mirage and similar phenomena and the aurora are common.
  • North-west is the Store Vildmose, a swamp where the mirage is seen in summer.
  • MIRAGE (a French word, from mirer, to look at, se mirer, to be reflected), an optical illusion due to variations in the refractive index of the atmosphere.
  • A common type of mirage is the appearance of an isolated lake frequently seen in hot sandy deserts, as in the Sahara, Turkestan, &c. The explanation is as follows: The sand, being abnormally heated by the solar rays, causes the neighbouring air to expand, consequently its density, and therefore its refractive index, is diminished, and attains a minimum value in the lowest layers.

What's another word for mirage?

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