Sentence Examples

  • Forrest; each state was a Realm under a Grand Dragon; several counties formed a Dominion under a Grand Titan; each county was a Province under a Grand Giant; the smallest division being a Den under a Grand Cyclops.
  • Such horizontal movement of the load is a marked feature of later crane design; it first became prominent in the so-called " Titan " cranes, mentioned below (fig.
  • A special form of jib crane, designed to meet a particular purpose, is the " Titan " (fig.
  • It contains all the essential elements of the hammer-headed crane, of which it may be considered to be the parent; in fact, the only essential difference is that the Titan is portable and the hammer-head crane fixed.
  • The Titan was the first type of large portable crane in which full use was made of a truly horizontal movement of the load; for the purpose for which the type is designed, viz.

What's another word for Titan?

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