Sentence Examples

  • Hobbes, Leviathan, 1651, ch.
  • Of primitive mythological traditions we might mention the primeval serpent, leviathan, behemoth, while to ideas native to or familiar in apocalyptic belong those of the seven archangels, the angelic patrons of the nations (Deut.
  • LEVIATHAN, the Hebrew name (livyathan), occurring in the poetical books of the Bible, of a gigantic animal, apparently the sea or water equivalent of behemoth, the king of the animals of the dry land.
  • This is the generation of that Leviathan, or rather ...
  • Among the clearest and most logical exponents of this theory was Hobbes, who in his Leviathan expounded his notion of an agreement by which absolute power was irrevocably transferred to the ruler.

What's another word for leviathan?

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