Sentence Examples

  • The later Syriac, curiously enough, has behmoth, - apparently the behemoth of Job transformed into a bird.
  • Of primitive mythological traditions we might mention the primeval serpent, leviathan, behemoth, while to ideas native to or familiar in apocalyptic belong those of the seven archangels, the angelic patrons of the nations (Deut.
  • Though Behemoth was kept back at the king's express desire, it saw the light, without Hobbes's leave, in 1679, before his death.
  • Important later editions are those of Ferdinand Tonnies, Behemoth (1889), on which see Croom Robertson's Philosophical Remains (1894), p. 45 1; Elements of Law (1889).
  • LEVIATHAN, the Hebrew name (livyathan), occurring in the poetical books of the Bible, of a gigantic animal, apparently the sea or water equivalent of behemoth, the king of the animals of the dry land.