Sentence Examples

  • High, large remains of a circular cyclopean tower, called Dun-Aengus, ascribed to the Fir-bolg or Belgae; or, individually, to the first of three brothers, Aengus, Conchobar and Nil, who reached Aran Islands from Scotland in the 1st century A.D.
  • "Cyclopean" structures were discovered by Hahn at Kretzunista, Arinista, and other sites in the district of Argyrokastro; the walls, partly "Cyclopean," of an ancient city (perhaps Bullis) are visible at Gradisti on the Viossa.
  • Here some remains of Cyclopean masonry exist; but the area enclosed, about zoo yds.
  • In the lower strata were discovered the remnants of Cyclopean or prehistoric architecture already mentioned.
  • Its ancient importance is vouched for by its walls of rough cyclopean work, which may have had a total extent of some 2 m.

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