Sentence Examples

  • 36, and among the Jews of Elephantine in Egypt (5th century B.C.).
  • It is now known to have existed in Aramaic as far back as the 5th century B.C., appearing on Jewish papyri which were lately discovered by the German mission to Elephantine.'
  • The effect of the localization of gods in many different places was to give them a double aspect; so, for instance, Khnum the god of Elephantine could in one minute be regarded as identical with)n as entirely separate beings.
  • The materials used are numerous; but the principal substances are straw, the bulrushes Typha elephantine and T.
  • Papyri from Elephantine in Upper Egypt, of the same age, proceed from Jewish families who carry on a flourishing business, live among Egyptians and Persians, and take their oaths in courts of law in the name of the god " Yahu," the " God of Heaven," whose temple dated from the last Egyptian kings.

What's another word for elephantine?

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