Sentence Examples

  • She pointed to the two young men, almost unrecognizable in their ponderous gear of boots, rubber coat, and visored helmet.
  • Adversary with its trunk safely rolled up out of danger, endeavouring either to pin him to the ground with its tusks (if a male tusker) or to trample him to death beneath its ponderous knees or feet."
  • It may be mentioned that the Bactrian camel, which is a shorter-legged and more ponderous animal than the Arabian species, grows an enormously long and thick winter coat, which is shed in blanket-like masses in spring.
  • His Vindication appeared in February 1779; and, as Milman remarks, " this single discharge from the ponderous artillery of learning and sarcasm laid prostrate the whole disorderly squadron " of his rash and feeble assailants.'
  • The whole surface of the ponderous upper storey is covered with a diaper pattern in slabs of creamy white Istrian stone and red Verona marble, giving a delicate rosy-orange hue to the building.

What's another word for ponderous?

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