Sentence Examples

  • He would not hear of any radical reform of the cumbrous and obsolete constitution.
  • Mercury calx was LJ .3 Bergman's symbolism was obviously cumbrous, and the system used in 1782 by Lavoisier was equally abstruse, since the forms gave no clue as to composition; for instance water, oxygen, and nitric acid werev 4), and e-f.
  • In spite of a cumbrous and affected style, he is a vivid narrator; and his character sketches are admirable as summaries of current estimates.
  • Claude Mydorge (1585-1647), a French geometer and friend of Descartes, published a work De sectionibus conicis in which he greatly simplified the cumbrous proofs of Apollonius, whose method of treatment he followed.
  • But commonly it proves to be extremely long and cumbrous, and modifications have to be resorted to.

What's another word for cumbrous?

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