Sentence Examples

  • If titanic oxide be fused with excess of alkaline carbonate a titanate, R 2 T103, is formed.
  • A subsidy treaty with the sea powers (April 1 9, 1 794) filled his coffers; but the insurrection in Poland that followed the partition of 1793, and the threat of the isolated intervention of Russia, hurried him into the separate treaty of Basel with the French Republic (April 5, 1795), which was regarded by the great monarchies as a betrayal, and left Prussia morally isolated in Europe on the eve of the titanic struggle between the monarchical principle and the new political creed of the Revolution.
  • According to the amount of water used, TiC1 3 OH, TiC1 2 (OH) 21 TiCI(OH) 3 or titanic acid is formed.
  • A hydrated form is prepared when a solution of titanic acid in hydrochloric acid is digested with copper, or when the trichloride is precipitated with alkalis.
  • Titanic oxides when fused on charcoal, even with potassium cyanide, yield no metal.