Sentence Examples

  • Consequently the percentage of illiteracy is extremely low.
  • Education is somewhat neglected by them, and the percentage of illiteracy among adults is high.
  • The school board is doing its best to implement reading programs that will help to eradicate illiteracy among the children in our community. 
  • Since 1880 the proportion of illiteracy has steadily declined for all classes, save the foreignborn between 1880 and 1890, owing to the beginning in these years, on a large scale, of immigration from southern Europe.
  • Of the total population, 10 years of age and over, 30.5% were illiterates in 1 9 00 -49'9% were illiterates in 1880 - and as regards the whites of native birth alone, Georgia ranked ninth in illiteracy, in 1900, among the states and territories of the Union.