Sentence Examples

  • - Diagram conveying the digested food-products all over of the circulatory the body, and the excretory products to the apparatus in the annephridia, and doubtless it serves at times to tenor body-region of assist in the extension and retraction of parts a Metanemertine.
  • The elongation is generally found to reach a maximum under a magnetizing force of 50 to 120 units, and to vanish under a force of 200 to 400, retraction occurring when still higher forces are applied.
  • Nickel exhibited retraction from the very beginning (as observed by Barrett), its greatest change of length considerably exceeding that undergone by iron; in a field of Boo the original length was diminished by as much as 1/40,000 part, but stronger forces failed to produce any further effect.
  • 2 It was found that the curve showing the relation of transverse changes of dimensions to magnetizing force was similar in general character to the familiar elongation curves, but the signs were reversed; the curve was inverted, indicating at first retraction, which, after passing a maximum and vanishing in a critical field, was succeeded by elongation.
  • The complicated hysteresis effects which attend magnetic elongation and retraction have been studied by H.

What's another word for retraction?

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