Sentence Examples

  • At the same time he succeeded in obtaining the annulment of his marriage with the countess Raimondi (with whom hehadneverlived) and contracted another marriage with the mother of his children, Clelia and Manlio.
  • If the demand for rehearing is refused such refusal is final; but if it is granted the case is then heard by the civil chamber, and after argument cessation (annulment) is granted or refused.
  • In redhibitory actions (for the annulment of sales), if a slave were returned to the seller, so must also be his parents, brothers and personae contubernio conjunctae.
  • In their report the following measures were recommended: (i.) annulment of the act against promulgating illegal measures; (ii.) abolition of pay, save for the troops in the field and the archons; (iii.) restriction of the franchise to 5000 able to serve "with person and purse"; (iv.) the appointment of a special board to choose the 5000.
  • Resigning office in March 1878, he resumed the practice of law, and secured the annulment of Garibaldi's marriage.

What's another word for annulment?

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