Sentence Examples

  • In an old confession of faith, the convert is pledged to abjure the theft and robbery of cattle and the ravaging of villages inhabited by worshippers of Mazda (Yasna, 12, 2).
  • With a crusade, Ninoslav was baptized, only to abjure Christianity in 1233.
  • In 1832 Mehemet Ali gave him the dignity of bey without requiring him to abjure his religion; and in 1836 he received the rank of general, and was appointed head of the medical administration of the country.
  • That the dangers of heresy might be avoided, laymen were forbidden to argue about matters of faith by Pope Alexander IV., an oath "to abjure every heresy and to maintain in its completeness the Catholic faith" was required by the council of Toledo (1129), the reading of the Scriptures in the vulgar tongue was not allowed to the laity by Pope Pius IV.
  • When he came into the theatre the proconsul urged him to "revile Christ," and promised, if he would consent to abjure his faith, that he would set him at liberty.

What's another word for abjure?

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