Sentence Examples

  • Eccl., 1862 and 1868), concordats 'would be pure privileges granted by the pope; the pope would not be able to enter into agreements on spiritual matters or impose restraints upon the power of his successors; and consequently he would not bind himself in any juridical sense and would be able freely to revoke concordats, just as the author of a privilege can withdraw it at his pleasure.
  • Sought to revoke it; but both parlements and states-general refused to recognize the revoking decrees.
  • Determination to revoke the asiento, and Sir Robert Walpole was forced by popular feeling into war with Spain.
  • C. 12, § 2, enacts that" if any person ecclesiastical, or which shall have an ecclesiastical living, shall advisedly maintain or affirm any doctrine directly contrary or repugnant to any of the said articles, and by conventicle before the bishop of the diocese, or the ordinary, or before the queen's highness's commissioners in matters ecclesiastical, shall persist therein or not revoke his error, or after such revocation eftsoons affirm such untrue doctrine,"he shall be deprived of his ecclesiastical promotions.
  • But his second wife, an ambitious intrigante, soon tired of her quiet life, and induced him to return to Turin and attempt to revoke his abdication.

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