Sentence Examples

  • He didn't need more emotions to hamper his decision making, and he didn't need Tim to disown him at the end of this mess for exploiting the girl Brady was charged with guarding.
  • Both combatants had, according to the absurd habit of the time, to disown their works, Desfontaines's disavowal being formal and procured by the exertion of all Voltaire's own influence both at home and abroad.
  • On examination, the authors of anticritica are generally found to disown, tacitly or openly, the first of these alternatives; for example, Prof. Sayce, who frequently takes the field against the " higher criticism," and denies, without, however, disproving, the validity of the literary analysis of the Hexateuch, nevertheless himself asserts that " no one can study the Pentateuch.
  • A certain spirit of foolish pride was said to exist which sought to disown trade; and the tendency to be poor and genteel in the civil service, at the bar, in the constabulary, in the army, in professional life, rather than prosperous in business, was one of the most unfortunate and strongly marked characteristics of Dublin society.
  • The development of a theory of the ground on which subjects claim their predicates and disown alien predicates could not be long postponed.

What's another word for disown?

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