Sentence Examples

  • Elisabeth, in wolf form, stood scratching at the door, whimpering.
  • "It's easy to get into trouble when you're out scratching on your own," Dean said, prompting for more detail.
  • Eureka helped him by flying into the faces of the enemy and scratching and biting furiously, and the kitten ruined so many vegetable complexions that the Mangaboos feared her as much as they did the horse.
  • Abruptly the scratching sound of the crampons beneath his feet told him he'd reached the first mounds of solid ice.
  • The whole wing is a unique modification, deeply affecting the skeletal, muscular and tegumentary structures, but fluttering, skimming, sailing, soaring are motions much more akin to one another than climbing and grasping, running, scratching, paddling and wading.