Sentence Examples

  • Often popular European games (for example, the critically-acclaimed French action-adventure game Beyond Good and Evil and gorgeously crafted adventure The Longest Journey) stumble when they reach American shores for exactly this reason.
  • If you stumble across something regarding credit cards that seems particularly outlandish - such as claims that you don't have to pay your bills because of some obscure law - then check the facts before assuming that it's valid.
  • You may have a difficult time finding cat eye sunglasses that are actually from the 1950s unless you just happen to stumble into the right store or go into your mom or grandma's attic and find an old forgotten pair in a trunk.
  • Perhaps you'll stumble upon a stencil that inspires you to one day create the permanent image you'd like, but the beauty of temporary ink lies in its ability to fade just as you change your mind about having a tattoo.
  • Even if you find a lender offering what looks like a fantastic deal, you should still have a look around to see what other lenders are offering for similar loan products because you may stumble upon something better.