Sentence Examples

  • Schelling conceives of the gradual self-evolution of nature in a succession of higher and higher forms as brought about by a limitation of her infinite productivity, showing itself in a series of points of arrest.
  • Measures are being taken by the zemstvos to increase the very low productivity of the forests.
  • For the years1862-1868inclusive, the average annual production was over $i i,000,000; in the second period of great productivity (1873-1878), after the opening (by John W.
  • Of animals, the cow and the pig are her favourites, the latter owing to its productivity and the cathartic properties of its blood.
  • Others again cite the old-established power and productivity of Crete; the immense advantage it derived from insularity, natural fertility and geographical relation to the wider area of east Mediterranean civilizations; and the absence of evidence elsewhere for the gradual growth of a culture powerful enough to dominate the Aegean.

What's another word for productivity?

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