Sentence Examples

  • By degrees the fecundity improved, and in about twenty years became equal to what it is in Europe.
  • Viability, by which are meant fecundity, longevity and vigour, was low in average.
  • Such is their fecundity that it has been asserted that one female (probably of P. vestimenti) may in eight weeks produce five thousand descendants.
  • In the British Isles the 1 The name of the fishes of the genus Cyprinus is derived from the island of Cyprus, the ancient sanctuary of Venus; this name is supposed to have arisen from observations of the fecundity and vivacity of carp during the spawning period.
  • (From Cheshire's Bees and Bee-keeping, Scientific and Practical.) the high-pressure system followed in modern bee-management, exhausts the period of her greatest fecundity in two years, so that queens are usually superseded after their second season has expired and egg-production gradually decreases.

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