Sentence Examples

  • He nodded, the vision of a sage teacher.
  • Poplars grow in the valleys, and the cactus and sage brush are common.
  • Sage holds the place of honour; then comes rue, the antidote of poisons; and so on through melons, fennel, lilies, poppies, and many other plants, to wind up with the rose, "which in virtue and scent surpasses all other herbs, and may rightly be called the flower of flowers."
  • A Chaldaean sage prophesies to him his future greatness, and another Persian slave, Oebares, becomes his associate.
  • Brave and sage as he was, he could hardly cope at one and the same time with the hostility of the Normans on the west, of the Petchenegs (Patzinaks) on the north, and of the Seljuks on the east and south.

What's another word for sage?

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