Sentence Examples

  • You are a freaking savant when it comes to that.
  • In 1839, Dr Helfer, a German savant employed by the Indian government, having landed in the islands, was attacked and killed.
  • PUBLIUS NIGIDIUS FIGULUS (c. 98-45 B.C.), Roman savant, next to Varro the most learned Roman of the age.
  • Yet little or nothing was generally known about the bird until Delattre sent an account of his meeting with it to the Echo du monde savant for 1843, which was reprinted in the Revue zoologique for that year (pp. 163-165).
  • The incident reawakened the interest which had early been aroused in the young Corsican by converse with the savant Volney, author of Les Ruines, ou meditation sur les revolutions des empires.

What's another word for savant?

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