Sentence Examples

  • All concern for the victim vanished as he savagely consumed the life from her.
  • A revolt of the Indians in Peru in 1780, which was savagely suppressed, forced the government to take note of the abuses of its colonial administration.
  • "And I," savagely replied Saint-Just, "will make him carry his like a Saint Denis."
  • Penguins bite savagely when molested, but are easily trained and display considerable intelligence, The Spheniscidae have been divided into at least eight genera, but three, or at most four, seem to be all that are needed, and ' The pterylographical characters of the penguins are well described by A.
  • On the 29th of November 1779 Fox was wounded in a duel with Mr William Adam, a supporter of Lord North's whom he had savagely denounced.