Sentence Examples

  • The novel was received with instant acclamation, and Sainte-Beuve only confirmed the judgment of the public when he pronounced in the Globe that this new author (then to him unknown) had struck a new and original vein and was destined to go far.
  • The constitution was accepted by Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania by popular acclamation, but in New South Wales very great opposition was shown, the main points of objection being the financial provisions, equal representation in the Senate, and the difficulty in the way of the larger states securing an amendment of the constitution in the event of a conflict with the smaller states.
  • He was chosen moderator by acclamation, being, as Baillie says, " incomparablie the ablest man of us all for all things."
  • The right of the army to confer the royal power was still symbolized in the popular acclamation required on the accession of a new king, and at Alexandria in troubled times we hear of " the people " making its will effective in filling the throne, although it is here hard to distinguish mobrule from the exercise of a legitimate function.
  • On the 1 ith, on his motion, a decree was passed by acclamation for a levy of 200,000 men and the raising of £4,500,000 for the defence of the independence of the country.

What's another word for acclamation?

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