Sentence Examples

  • It is remarkable not only for its many splendid verses and for the nobility of its sentiment, but from the fact that not one of its characters lacks interest, a commendation not generally to be bestowed on its author's work.
  • It may be mere coincidence that the material in Matthew as well as in the Didache seems to be arranged in five divisions, beginning with a commendation of the right way, and ending with warnings of the judgment, while the logical analysis of James yields something similar; but of the affinity of spirit there can be no doubt.
  • 1-5), instead of giving his usual word of commendation, he plunges into a personal and historical vindication s of his apostolic independence, which, developed negatively and positively, forms the first of the three main 1 It is not quite clear whether traces of the Judaistic agitation were already found by Paul on this visit (so especially Holsten, Lipsius, Sieffert, Pfleiderer, Weiss and Weizsacker) or whether they are to be dated subsequent to his departure (so Philippi, Renan and Hofmann, among others).
  • His well-known essay on the nature and moral influence of heathenism (1822) was published by Neander, with high commendation, in his Denkwiirdigkeiten; and his Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (1824) secured him a foremost place amongst the most suggestive, if not the most accurate, Biblical interpreters of that time.
  • Judging him by this masterpiece of scientific history, he deserves less commendation as a writer than as a thinker and an analyst.

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