Sentence Examples

  • (r) The soldiers cast lots upon His garments and seamless tunic; His mother with two faithful women and the beloved disciple at the cross's foot; His commendation of His mother and the disciple to each other; His last two sayings in deliberate accomplishment of scripture " I thirst," " It is accomplished."
  • Magee (1766-18.31) for the omission in subsequent editions of a passage of the Moral Sentiments which that prelate had cited with high commendation as among the ablest illustrations of the doctrine of the atonement.
  • Edward Wright died, as has been mentioned, in 1615, and his son, Samuel Wright, in the preface states that his father " gave much commendation of this work (and often in my hearing) as of very great use to mariners "; and with respect to the translation he says that " shortly after he had it returned out of Scotland, it pleased God to call him away afore he could publish it."
  • Campbell'S Poetry, In Spite Of A Certain Lack Of Compression, Is Full Of Dramatic Vigour; Roberts Has Put Some Of His Best Work Into Sonnets And Short Lyrics, While Carman Has Been Very Tsuccessful With The Ballad, The Untrammelled Swing And Sweep Of Which He Has Finely Caught; The Simplicity And Severity Of Cameron'S Style Won The Commendation Of Even So Exacting A Critic As Matthew Arnold.
  • II) which seems to be meant as a commendation of the teaching of the sages in general: their words are said to be like goads (inciting to action) and like nails driven in a building (giving firmness to character); they issue from masters of assemblies,3 heads of academies (but not of the Sanhedrin).

What's another word for commendation?

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