Sentence Examples

  • It was tempting to denounce him in front of everyone, but that would be childish.
  • On that occasion Jules Favre had recognized the September convention to be dead, and, while refusing explicitly to denounce it, had admitted that unless Italy went to Rome the city would become a prey to dangerous agitators.
  • Shortly before the fall of the Depretis-Robilant cabinet Count Robilant had announced the intention of Italy to denounce the commercial treaties with France and Austria, which would lapse en the 31st of December 1887, and had intimated his readiness to negotiate new treaties.
  • 320) and in the other ecclesiastics to denounce the spherical theory of the middle earth as heretical.
  • Of course, defence easily passes into counterattack, as when early apologists denounce Greek and Roman religion.

What's another word for denounce?

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