Sentence Examples

  • 5 Similar causes contributed to the decay of knightly ideas in warfare.
  • He is the type of the medieval knightly minstrel of the age of the Minnesang.
  • Thus in medieval French poetry vasselage is commonly used in the sense of "prowess in arms," or generally of any knightly qualities.
  • The upper chamber (Standesherren) is composed of adult princes of the blood, heads of noble families from the rank of count (Graf) upwards, representatives of territories (Standesherrschaften), which possessed votes in the old German imperial diet or in the local diet; it has also members (not more than 6) nominated by the king, 8 members of knightly rank, 6 ecclesiastical dignitaries, a representative of the university of Tubingen, and of the technical high school of Stuttgart, 2 representatives of commerce and industry, 2 of agriculture, and i of handicrafts.
  • Fiegn Johns writ of 1213, bidding discreet men from each nings of shire to present themselves at Oxford, found its parilaparallel in another writ of 1253 which bids four knightly meat.

What's another word for knightly?

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