Sentence Examples

  • A week later all Finland lay at the feet of the intrepid colonel of the Borg, dragoons.
  • There was a gap between the "Intrepid" and the eastern bank; he steered into it, collided with the "Intrepid," rang the gong to signify the imminent blowing of the charges, went astern and then ahead.
  • In the "Iphigenia," like the "Intrepid," the engine room ratings had avoided being taken off, so as to be present at the fight.
  • As a statesman, Rossi was a man of signal ability and intrepid character, but it is as an economist that his name will be best remembered.
  • The "Intrepid" astern had come under heavy shrapnel fire from the guns as she approached the mole, but after rounding it escaped their attention.

What's another word for intrepid?

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