Sentence Examples

  • The young prince alone rose to the height of the occasion, and set his face against such cowardly counsels, and he had the enthusiastic support of the great majority of the people.
  • The natural consequence was that these men to the number of 30,000 flocked to the camp of Alaric, clamouring to be led against their cowardly enemies.
  • He is cowardly in war, and on one occasion was shut up for years in a huge brazen pot.
  • The covering of this savage but cowardly little night-prowler is a sort of short hair, not fur.
  • In the Merlin proper, Gawain is a dominant personality, his feats rivalling in importance those ascribed to Arthur, but in the later forms such as the Merlin continuations, the Tristan, and the final Lancelot compilation, his character and position have undergone a complete change, he is represented as cruel, cowardly and treacherous, and of indifferent moral character.

What's another word for cowardly?

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