Sentence Examples

  • Hoisting ropes are weakened by deterioration and breakage of the wires, due to corrosion and repeated bending.
  • The headache-post is a vertical wooden beam placed on the main sill directly below the walking-beam, to receive the weight of the latter in case of breakage of connexions.
  • Feeding Sasha information about the only way to break the bond—without telling him the breakage was only temporary— rendered the girl he.d been tracking for weeks vulnerable.
  • There is ample equipment of fixed and movable staiths and cranes of various sizes up to 70 tons, the Lewis-Hunter patent cranes being largely used for shipping coal owing to their minimizing the breakage of coal and securing its even distribution.
  • Formerly the loss through breakage was very great, but the art of making and selecting these bottles has greatly improved, and the loss now amounts to little more than 5%, whereas formerly 25% and even 30% was not an uncommon figure.