Sentence Examples

  • 2 V I - a /al ' Y' I-a /al ' and the effective inertia of the liquid in the interspace Ao+2A1 W, =1 a13 +2a3W'.
  • - Free medusae with rhopalia of the normal type; the exumbrella is divided by a circular, so-called coronal groove, into two parts, a central portion, which is conical, thimble-shaped, or domed in form, and a peripheral portion, the pedal zone, which bears the marginal lobes, tentacles and rhopalia; the pedal zone is subdivided into areas termed pedalia, from each of which arises a tentacle or rhopaliurn in the interspace between two adjacent lobes of the margin.
  • Constant magnetic field, and in the interspace between the poles is fixed a delicately pivoted coil of wire carried in jewelled bearings.
  • Hence the electric force E in the interspace 1dRccor the potential V at any point in the interspace is given by varies inversely E = as - the distance distance =A/R from or V the - axis.
  • R - A, Accordingly var where R is the distance of the point in the interspace from the axis, and A is a constant.

What's another word for interspace?

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