Sentence Examples

  • Constant magnetic field, and in the interspace between the poles is fixed a delicately pivoted coil of wire carried in jewelled bearings.
  • The interspace is filled with a very small quantity of nickel and silver filings, about 95 per cent.
  • The upward thrust is the same, however thin the metal may be in the interspace between the outer mould and the core inside; and this was formerly considered paradoxical.
  • Over a concentric cylinder, external or internal, of radius r=b, 4,'=4,+ Uly =[U I - + Ui]y, (4) and 4" is zero if U 1 /U = (a 2 - b2)/b 2; (5) so that the cylinder may swim for an instant in the liquid without distortion, with this velocity Ui; and w in (I) will give the liquid motion in the interspace between the fixed cylinder r =a and the concentric cylinder r=b, moving with velocity U1.
  • B2' and this, by § 36, is also the ratio of the kinetic energy in the annular 4,1 interspace between the two cylinders to the kinetic energy of the liquid moving bodily inside r = b.