Sentence Examples

  • Of Epirus in the presence of a great concourse from all the Greek world.
  • His body was brought to Amesbury for interment; the funeral services were held in the open air, and conducted after the simple rites of the Friends, in the presence of a large concourse, certain of whom " spake as they were moved " in tribute to the bard.
  • The Lycee had a connexion with the university, and when Cousin left the secondary school he was "crowned" in the ancient hall of the Sorbonne for the Latin oration delivered by him there, in the general concourse of his school competitors.
  • After the peace of Aix-laners and Chapelle, France had been flooded from all quarters customs, of the civilized world, but especially from England, by a concourse of refined and cultured men well acquainted with her usages and her universal language, whom she had received sympathetically.
  • Thus the angles at which the surfaces of separation meet are the same at all parts of the line of concourse of the three fluids.

What's another word for concourse?

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