Sentence Examples

  • He studied the DNA molecule to see if the child was related to the man.
  • It was the union of a small number of atoms of one kind with a small number of another kind to form a compound atom, or as we now say a "molecule."
  • It is evident that this is practicable if the number and kind of atoms contained in the molecule of a compound can be determined.
  • To take the simplest possible case, if Dalton had been correct in assuming that the molecule of water was made up of one atom of oxygen and one of hydrogen, then the experimental fact that water contains eight parts by weight of oxygen to one part of hydrogen, would at once show that the atom of oxygen is eight times as heavy as the atom of hydrogen, or that, taking the atomic weight of hydrogen as the unit, the.
  • It is now agreed that the molecule of water contains two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, so that the atomic weight of oxygen becomes 16, and similarly that the molecule of ammonia contains three atoms of hydrogen and one of nitrogen, and that consequently the atomic weight of nitrogen is 14.

What's another word for molecule?

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